An end to poor coverage in buildings

Excellent mobile network coverage for homes and offices

Excellent coverage for mobile phones, broadband and wireless equipment should be taken as read. Unfortunately, however, poor coverage is a common problem for people moving into newly built apartments or office premises. This problem likewise affects hotels and conference venues, where in-house mobile networks provide poor coverage – or none at all.

New builds and projects to renovate old properties often involve the installation of modern, energy-efficient windows. While these windows offer a variety of benefits, the metal layer that helps save energy is simultaneously the biggest obstacle to mobile signals.
There is a way to deal with the issue, however. In a large number of projects, MIC Nordic has developed smoothly functioning solutions such as a separate, internal mobile network that is simple to install in both large residential complexes and office buildings.

We are more than willing to become involved in new builds or renovation projects as early as the planning stage. This allows us to ensure that the conditions for strong signal quality are in place from the start – which is a clear benefit for all parties involved.

Bra täckning i mobilnät för bostäder och kontor
Sjukhus med full täckning i mobilnät

Hospital with full mobile network coverage

Hospitals are almost always large and technically complex installations. New technical infrastructure is therefore often required to secure mobile communication in all buildings on the hospital site. Danderyd, Rosenlund, Norrtälje and Bromma are examples of Swedish hospitals where MIC Nordic has implemented solutions that helped turn poor mobile network connections into complete coverage. MIC Nordic was also involved in improving RAKEL coverage for Karolinska Hospital, at both the Solna and Huddinge sites.

Arenas with 4G repeaters and RAKEL communication

At large sports arenas and other installations where a great many people are present at the same time, the security system must function flawlessly at all times. The police and rescue services, who use RAKEL mobile phones, must always be able to communicate. MIC Nordic has secured RAKEL communication at the Friends Arena in Solna, Sweden, and at several other stadiums.

Arenor med 4G repeater och RAKEL kommunikation
Ingen mer dålig täckning i centrum och gallerior

Goodbye to poor coverage in shopping centres and malls

Poor mobile coverage is a problem in many shopping centres and malls today.
MIC Nordic has the knowledge and the products to amplify the capacity of the mobile networks, at the same time as securing RAKEL, the communication system that the police and rescue services use.

An end to trade fairs with poor mobile coverage

Expo halls often have issues with poor mobile coverage. MIC Nordic has solutions to boost the mobile signals so that wireless communication can run smoothly and efficiently.

Slut på mässor med dålig täckning i mobilnät

Ett urval konkreta exempel på hur vi löser problemen med dålig täckning hittar du här:

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How MIC Nordic improves mobile coverage:

Three factors can require a significant improvement on mobile coverage indoors: Demand for faster data speeds, poor telephone antennae and altered building technologies.

These are challenges that MIC Nordic tackles by establishing reliably functioning infrastructure for indoor coverage. In addition, we secure communication for essential services such as the police, ambulance and rescue services. Our solutions contribute to ensuring that people, companies, organisations and public authorities have access to smoothly functioning mobile coverage.

The solutions and products that MIC Nordic supplies match all standards: FM, DAB, DMR, TETRA/RAKEL, GPS, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. 
That said, we are well aware that technological development is an ongoing phenomenon, so we are also actively involved in research and development of new standards.

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