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At the cutting edge of technology

The business concept of providing robust and reliable mobile communication indoors makes tough demands – especially at the technical level. Our ambition is always to remain at the cutting edge of technological development.

That is why we possess specialist competencies in all technologies used in the field of wireless communication. And why we have close working relationships with partners including Wireless@KTH. We offer students research and development projects as subjects for their dissertations. We are actively involved in industry issues, trends and product development, run our own training courses and participate in research projects.

The company was founded in 2007, since when we have designed and installed hundreds of indoor coverage systems for developers, local and state authorities.

Our business concept

is to supply robust, reliable, eco-friendly and complete solutions for indoor mobile communication, encompassing all wireless communication technologies and frequencies.

We create bespoke solutions and develop our own products and services to assist our customers with cost-efficient indoor solutions.

Our vision

is to become the leading supplier of infrastructure for mobile indoor solutions in the Nordic region.

Our values

• Professionalism
• Quality
• Responsibility
• Respect
• Good working environment

We are members of

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