Radio system for different vehicles

Radio system for cars

Most modern cars are able to receive mobile signals without problems. While the coverage can be weak in some areas, this is not normally a problem for everyday users. However, this is not the case for the “blue light” services – ambulance, police, rescue service, fire brigade – which must have access to robust and reliable RAKEL communication at all times. MIC Nordic possesses the knowledge and skill to supply radio systems that guarantee unwavering operation.

Radiosystem för bilar​
GSM-R för mobilsystem på tåg​

GSM-R for mobile systems on trains

The interior of a train is actually an environment that mobile signals simply cannot penetrate. For a moving train carriage, made of steel and featuring windows that contain an invisible metal film to protect against the rays of the sun, a booster system of repeaters is required to make sure the signals get through. The Swedish Railways’ mobile-friendly X2000 trains need not only repeaters in each carriage, but reliable antennae on the inside and outside of each unit of rolling stock.

On board the train, the communication between the driver and the train control system – and between the driver and other the train personnel – must also function flawlessly. A mobile telephony standard developed specifically for trains (GSM-R) is used to deal with this requirement. To ensure that signals from the 3G and 4G networks do not disrupt GSM-R operation, MIC Nordic has developed a filter that protects and shields GSM-R systems from signal disruptions at 900 MHz.

WLAN for boats and other seagoing vessels

WLAN is a standard technology for building wireless networks. Together with a router, it is ideal for handling wireless internet connection from boats. During a “Gotland Runt” sailing competition, MIC Nordic fitted WLAN installations to the participating vessels to ensure that, for example, they had access to updated maps and charts at all times. MIC Nordic provides a number of different solutions for marine use, sea rescue and other shipping.

WLAN för båtar och fartyg​
RAKEL-mobiler för militärfordon​

RAKEL mobiles for military vehicles

The defence forces typically use RAKEL mobile phones, given that the RAKEL communication system has been specially developed for crisis situations when nothing else works. However, military vehicles are often so heavily armoured that the mobile signal cannot penetrate them. MIC Nordic supplies boosters and other technical solutions that ensure a strong signal, even in military vehicles that often feature a reinforced steel structure and thick armour plating.

RAKEL radio for special vehicles

In and of itself, the structure of these vehicles can prevent radio waves from entering the interior. MIC Nordic has extensive experience in boosting the signal strength for mobile communication in vehicles of this type which use the RAKEL radio system.

RAKEL-radio för specialfordon​
Gratis WiFi på bussar​

WiFi on buses

Wireless networks and WiFi connections on buses are becoming increasingly common. In this case, WLAN solutions are the order of the day.

Ett urval konkreta exempel på hur vi löser problemen med olika radiosystem hittar du här:

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How MIC Nordic improves mobile coverage:

Three factors can require a significant improvement on mobile coverage indoors: Demand for faster data speeds, poor telephone antennae and altered building technologies.

These are challenges that MIC Nordic tackles by establishing reliably functioning infrastructure for indoor coverage. In addition, we secure communication for essential services such as the police, ambulance and rescue services. Our solutions contribute to ensuring that people, companies, organisations and public authorities have access to smoothly functioning mobile coverage.

The solutions and products that MIC Nordic supplies match all standards: FM, DAB, DMR, TETRA/RAKEL, GPS, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. 
That said, we are well aware that technological development is an ongoing phenomenon, so we are also actively involved in research and development of new standards.

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