Signal boosters in car parks and tunnels – more than convenient

Mobile boosters ensure a stable mobile signal below ground

Why is good mobile coverage so important in places such as underground car parks and tunnels? If a mobile connection is broken, it is impossible to pay parking fees with your mobile phone, and having to find another way to pay can be time consuming and irritating – just as irritating as when your SATNAV system freezes, leaving you lost in unfamiliar surroundings.

However, being cut off from your surroundings and losing your way can quickly become a matter of safety, too.

MIC Nordic has the skill and the knowledge to secure robust mobile coverage in tunnels, car parks and a number of other signal-critical locations both above and below ground, using signal boosters that amplify the mobile signal.

Signalförstärkare som förstärker mobilsignalen i garage och tunnlar

Here are a number of specific examples of how we use signal boosters to ensure a strong, constant mobile signal:

The Varberg Tunnel

These are exciting times in Varberg, largely on account of the double-track railway that is being built through the city. Some sections of the new railway run through tunnels, allowing Varberg to keep its station in the city centre.

Norra Länken

MIC Nordic has completed the project planning, delivery and installation of a system to secure radio and mobile telephony signals in the covered sections of the Norra Länken motorway in Stockholm.

The Hallandsås Tunnel

MIC Nordic has completed the project planning, delivery and installation of a system to secure mobile telephony signals for RAKEL, GSM-R and public operators in the tunnel.

How MIC Nordic improves mobile coverage:

Three factors can require a significant improvement on mobile coverage indoors: Demand for faster data speeds, poor telephone antennae and altered building technologies.

These are challenges that MIC Nordic tackles by establishing reliably functioning infrastructure for indoor coverage. In addition, we secure communication for essential services such as the police, ambulance and rescue services. Our solutions contribute to ensuring that people, companies, organisations and public authorities have access to smoothly functioning mobile coverage.

The solutions and products that MIC Nordic supplies match all standards: FM, DAB, DMR, TETRA/RAKEL, GPS, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. 
That said, we are well aware that technological development is an ongoing phenomenon, so we are also actively involved in research and development of new standards.

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Mobile coverage in vehicles

Cars, boats, buses and trains ... In many ways, the vehicles we use are steel cages that provide a high level of safety but which, unfortunately, often obstruct good mobile coverage. There is an effective way to deal with this issue, however – find out more about how MIC Nordic assures reliable mobile coverage in vehicles.

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